JP Roth (Marketing and Sales Director)

JP Roth is a certified car crazy enthusiast, who has been working on cars since he was in early bloom of being an expert. He is prior military and worked for private contracting, and through many achievements he has never squandered from his officiant love for cars. He is excited to be part of our team with great expectations as our advertising and marketing account manager to persevere the great passion that is exuded through his work.


Gabe Langford (Intern)

Gabe Langford is a life-long car enthusiast who has lived in Kansas City all of his life. He is currently a Highschool student, and he was first interested in writing for a car magazine at a young age. Outside of writing and photography, He is a part of the school band, and theatre program. He also enjoys adventuring outdoors.


Tim McCullough

Tim Portrait 2015 Hat_web_profile

Tim McCullough, aka TeeMack is a professional transportation and automotive paparazzi photographer. His interest in photography goes back to the 7th grade when his father gave him his first camera. Tim is a working legend in the car show community who dedicates countless hours mastering his craft.

Micki Cross

Micki Cross has been with Kansas City Car Action since the beginning and has been a key contributor providing unique and exciting photography to our team.

Featured – Authors / Writers

Wade Willard

Wade is a passionate “Car Guy” and writer. He spends most of his days in the fuzzy grey zone that is the law.

Kyle Yarber

Kyle is an author / historian / museum curator specializing in KC automotive history. He’s also a teacher, director, and traveler to anywhere roads can take him.

Bob Sims

With mechanics and bodymen on both sides of the family for multiple generations, it was inevitable that Bob ended up a car guy. A writer and editor by trade, the family man has an obsession for classics, customs, hot rods, street rods, racing, imports, muscle, antiques and anything else with an engine that rolls on rubber.

Guest – Authors / Writers

Mark Alford

Mark provides a fresh perspective on the other side of life with his Kansas City charm and sunny outlook.

Jim Passantino

Jim has been competing in bbq competitions for the better part of a decade; his team has received multiple ribbons and is a neighborhood legend. While he enjoys competition, he prefers to do most of his cooking in the backyard with friends and family.

Partners – Kansas City Car Action


Mike McCormick

Founding partner of Kansas City Car Action and a bike, car, boat and truck enthusiast.

David Kirkpatrick

Founding partner of Kansas City Car Action with an addiction for cars. A diverse background in design and an affinity for chasing numbers around in excel.