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Sponsored Posts and Columns run in the main editorial area and in the Sponsored only section.

Sponsored Editorials and Posts are some of the best ways to put your message in front of the thousands of readers who come to Kansas City Car Action.

With these “content marketing” options, a story about your business or organization shows up in the main editorial area of the site with the latest news. This “native” format provides advertisers with a channel for reaching local readers when they are most actively engaged on the site, increasing the chances of catching their attention.

What’s more, once a piece of sponsored content is published on KansasCityCarAction.com, it stays on the site forever — meaning your story will be discoverable via search engines for years to come. Your post coupled with Kansas City Car Action relevant ranking in Google can be a very powerful tool in increasing your sites organic search rankings. This means you will generate more search results from Google without having to buy the ever more expensive AdWords.


What’s the difference between a Sponsored Post and a Sponsored Editorial? How much do they cost?

A Sponsored Post is a single piece of sponsored content, and can run on the site whenever the advertiser would like (subject to availability).

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Editorials, on the other hand, run once per magazine print run (Issue), and are then posted to the website free of charge.

Any business can purchase a single Sponsored Post on the site for $200. We also sell a package of five Sponsored Posts for $800. Editorials in the magazine cost $950 per issue.

This is the best way to tell a captivating story about your business and attract new customers and remind existing customers who you are.


How many people see a sponsored story?

Exposure varies based on multiple factors; Sponsored Editorials have the greatest reach utilizing print, our website and social media. All of these channels working together will extend the impact of Sponsored Content in ways traditional online advertising cannot — and can be a great way to get people talking about your business.

Readership for sponsored content varies depending on the topic and the amount of traffic coming to the site while it runs, but, generally speaking, we get between 25,000 and 30,000 readers per month engaging with our content across all media tactics.

One additional benefit to consider is that, once a story is published, it stays in our archives forever, which means that people searching for information about your industry or topic can discover the sponsored story months or even years after it’s publication date.

Do I write the story myself, or does someone do it for me?

With Sponsored Posts, the advertiser is responsible for drafting the story, and we work with them to edit the copy and get it ready for publication.

With Sponsored Editorials, the advertising staff is happy to help you craft your story. In some instances we will send a writer out to conduct an interview and write the story; however some businesses may prefer to write the stories themselves, but we like to work with all Sponsored Post advertisers closely to help ensure the story’s headline and body copy are tweaked to improve its chances for attracting attention from readers and ensure it fits our copy standards.


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