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Kansas City Car Action is the only hyperlocal car magazine and current event source serving the greater Kansas City area. With our focused coverage on car clubs, car shows, cruises and local reviews, it attracts the largest car enthusiast daily audience of people looking to find out what’s happening in Kansas City.

When you advertise with us, we will put your brand in front of thousands of local, well-educated, affluent potential customers every month. With our premium package you will be reaching customers through our multi-faceted approach of both Digital and Print media which you will not find anywhere else in Kansas City.

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Since launching our site and magazine the response has been overwhelmingly supportive. Car enthusiasts are thrilled to see local cars featured and find out about upcoming events.

Its great to have a go to source for car shows and cruises. I’ve been following the car scene for years and have often wondered why there isnt a local men’s magazine at the Dr’s Office. Again thank you for giving me something to read!


Why advertise on the Web over Print… even better why not do both?

It’s no secret newspaper circulation continues to decline, people are turning to the Internet as their primary news source. In fact, a Pew Research Center study found that the Web surpassed newspapers as an information source in 2008 — and use of the Web over newspapers has only grown since. Moreover, people who use the Web for their news tend to be younger and well educated, a sought-after demographic for small businesses. But the question of where to spend your advertising budget remains; who is your customer (Are they young or old)? With that in mind Kansas City Car Action recognizes the age demographic gets cloudy when you talk about car enthusiasts. We saw early on as a Men’s entertainment source we needed to exist in Digital and Print. Let us help you figure out where your message will best be heard.

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We draw thousands of readers each week from the Kansas City area. Advertising with us lets you put your message squarely in front of the people most likely to be looking for your services.
Our advertising options start at just $25 per month, affordable for any business. And with a variety of ad options, we can craft a marketing program tailored to meet your needs.

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