Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How many people see my ad?

A – It depends on what type of ad program you purchased from us but to get the most exposure we have a multifaceted approach to reaching our readers with the magazine as our core strategic vehicle for promoting our brand and customer loyalty. We hit four key areas:

  1. Magazines
  2. Email distribution
  3. Facebook

With a total readership of 25,833 per month.  

Q – Where do those readers live?

A – Our readership is spread across Kansas City with a heavier emphasis in southern Johnson County.

Q – Do you know anything about the demographics of your readers?

A – Our core reader demographic is male:

  • Married with two kids and a never ending list of weekend projects to get done
  • Ranges in age from: 35 to 64
  • Average household income is over $200K
  • They own their home 95% (they no longer rent)
  • Graduated college or higher 64%
  • Average value of residence $335k
  • Total net value $1.04 million

By all standards our core readership would be considered a very successful individual

Q – If readers follow Kansas City Car Action on Facebook, how do I know they will see my ad on the site?

A – Since our Facebook feed only publishes headlines, readers must click over to the actual site to read our stories. Our Facebook presence helps direct readers to the pages where your ad is displayed. Our reader statistics are based on the number of different individual readers who actually come to the site, not just the number from Facebook.

Q – How are pageviews different from visits and how does that affect my advertising effectiveness?

A – Pageviews measure the number of distinct pages our visitors load over the course of a month. During a single visit, a reader may read the homepage, click on a headline to read the comments under a story, and visit our calendar page. That would be a total of three pageviews from a single visit. The more pages our readers load, the more opportunities they have to see your ad.

Q – Are there any discounts available for advertising?

A – Yes – We offer a variety of discounts. Long-term contracts of six or 12 months, a volume buy based on dollars spent all have associated discounts. Car show and event coordinators can have events posted for free. Non-profit organizations also get a discount. Multiple Sponsored Posts also are sold at a package discount.

Q – Is it less costly if I prepare my own ad? If I do, what size and format should I use?

A – All of the prices on our rate sheet assume that you are preparing your ad and it will be delivered to us in .jpeg or .gif format. We will create your ad for a $25 fee.

The ad sizes are:

  • Billboard: 768×90 pixels
  • Impact: 300×250 pixels

Q – Can you explain the difference in these different ad sizes and styles?

A – Here is a rundown on each of the ad placements we offer:

  • Billboard– This is the banner that runs at the top of the page. It is the highest visibility on the page.
  • Impact – Impact ads offer high visibility. The ads rotate on each new pageview so you are guaranteed equal distribution among the different locations.
  • Sponsored Posts – Sponsored Posts are text and photos we package to tell the story of your business. The posts run one time on the front page of our site, just like a news story, but clearly labeled in the Sponsored Post section.
  • Business Profile – A special directory of local businesses featuring a profile and regular exposure on the front page through a rotator block.

Q – What is the pageview guarantee and ad rotation?

A – Most of our monthly ad slots can be sold to more than one advertiser, but no more than three. When the page loads for a reader, one advertiser is displayed and on the next page load, the other advertiser is displayed. You are guaranteed 50 percent of pageviews. The high number of page loads we get each month guarantee that your ad’s exposure is so robust that all regular readers will see it.