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Contact Matt Fen
: 816.305.1279
: MO, Raymore
: $ 32,998.00
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Recently extricated from a garage in Blue Springs after the owner passed away. It is an unmodified car that will need to be restored. The car is very complete with all original trim, badges, mirrors, interior, bumpers and rims in place and much of it in good condition. The 351C fires right up with good oil pressure. Plates are from 2002.
Car runs and can be driven onto a trailer. It looks like the distributor shorted out and the PO chased that problem unsuccessfully. I replaced the distributor with a modern stand-alone electronic unit (no external amplifier and no points), running it off of a separate battery. The car fired right up and idles well. The clutch slave was still good so I have moved it in and out of my shop and the gears I have used worked fine. One of the brakes is dragging but it can be driven up on a trailer. Wiring iffy, you will want to rewire.
The car has rust in both floors and the driver’s door jam (all available parts on line). I expect you know this car and have already decided to put in lowering floor pans or not so here is the opportunity.
Bought a lake house so priorities have shifted. I bought it well so selling cheap for this car. Restored cars now bringing $85-125K. Car is located in Raymore in South KC MO