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The “KingPin” Nova

When you build world-class cars and decide you want to build a DragWeek/NoPrep car, you go to the “KingPin”.

Dylan Goacher of  Goacher’s street legends in Wathena, KS did just that with his Nova. He started out by taking his Nova to Larson Race Cars to have a 25.3 chassis installed and the full once over LRC’s is so well known for. From there he chose a big 632 Chevy with big chief heads and as if that was not enough he added a set of Precision 88mm turbos to the mix. looking at these parts we know this is going to be making some major power and to control it all he chose to go with a FuelTech FT600. Another thing the FuelTech ecu is controlling is the  Nick Williams drive by wire throttle body. This little piece of black magic is one of the many things that sets the KingPin Nova apart from the crowd.

Of course, you have to get all this power to the ground and for that, an M&M th400 was used. Now one of the first or last things you might notice on this car is the beautiful Weld V series wheels hiding some Brake Man brakes behind them. All this speed and power you can not overlook safety on these cars. Dylan set his car up right with DJ Saftey seat belts, parachute, and fire system.

All the bodywork and paint was done at Goacher’s street legends. From the narrowed and tucked bumpers to the custom PPG black and blue paint you will find there is not a single part of this car that is not beautifully painted, covered, coated and well thought out. The car is so well executed in fact that it was in the top 12 builder cars at SEMA2018. An accolade that any builder would love to be awarded.



Plans for this car include NoPrep racing and attending events like DragWeek and Rockey Mountain Race Week. We can not wait to see how this amazing car performs. If any of our readers are thinking about running in the same races as Dylan I will say this. I would not want to mess with the “KingPin”

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