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Small Tire Shootout- Kansas City

Small Tire Shootout in Kansas City – written by JP Roth



On any given weekend in Kansas City, you might find a group of cars fighting it out for the right to call themselves the fastest car in KC. On this day it was some of the fastest “small tire” cars around. The term “small tire” stands for any car running a tire of 29×10.5 or smaller and any car running larger than 29×10.5 is classified as a “big tire” car.



On a beautiful Sunday morning, I drove up to the meeting spot and noticed a few trucks with trailers attached that were already there. As I got out of my car I could feel the warm sun on my face and cool spring breeze blowing from the east. I could hear a race car star up as it was being unloaded, other drivers were looking over their cars. More and more cars showed up and everyone saying hello to each other as friends always do.  I walked along the line of race cars checking each one out and had one thought, This is going to be one amazing race day!

Let’s go over how no-prep/street style racing works. first off this is a drag race, that is two cars face off against each other in a race to see who can reach the finish line first. In most no-prep/street racing events this is a 1/8th-mile long track. The “no-prep” part means that the track is not super sticky like that of a NHRA tack event, though racers may use small amounts of their own prep. These events are normally flashlight or hand-drop start, doing away with the standard Christmas tree start at most dragstrips.



There was a good mix of cars different makes and models, even a mustang that came all the way from Oklahoma. Each with their own engine combo, naturally-asperated, boosted, and nitrous. As the racing kicked off it was obvious that all these cars were quick, but who was the fastest you might ask. Well as each round passed the pack thinned out until only an n/a mustang and a turbo firebird pulled up for the final round. At the end of the after rounds of amazing racing from some very fast cars, there can be only one winner of the “small tire shootout”. It was Ryan in his twin turbo firebird that brought home the win and stood above the rest on this day.


Do you think your car is fast enough? just remember find an event and this could be you.





Disclaimer: KCCA and its partners do not condone street racing. All racing was performed by experienced drivers on a closed course.

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