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The new Road-Grader unveiling



A year ago a racer showed up as an underdog to the first cash-days of the year. Most knew him but no one expected “The Road-Grader” to take them down the ladder and win the pot. Going up against some of the most well know streetcars in Kansas City, to include the “Giant Killer” who he faced off to in the final. This started out a great year for Road-Grader driven by Jason Bitticks. Who won more races that year and even made it on an episode of the hit TV show Street Outlaws Memphis.


The car is a Chevy Vega with full-tube chassis, mostly steel body, Powerglide, strut front shocks, with 4 link rear holding down the ford 9in rear turning some massive slicks. You may be asking “what about the engine” well last year it was a nitrous-huffing Big Block Chevy. But Jason knew that after surprising everyone last year that he now has a target on his back and would have to step up his game.


Wow, did he ever step it up. This year Jason added a set of huge 88mm ON3 turbos, that run through a custom blow-through 1250 carb Jason built himself. He had a new big block Chevy built for the car though Jason’s keeping the number of cubes a secret. To help control of all this power is a new Boost-leash controller and a Goin built Powerglide transmission to get the power down.


To quote Jason “The Road-Grader is coming for everyone this year”




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