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New Ford Bronco coming soon; Look for OJ in a new white Ford Bronco

No real details were given for the upcoming Bronco. The vehicle's design, specifications, and dimensions were never revealed, and all that was shown on stage was a Bronco graphic—no vehicle was shown. Ford's Joe Hinrichs did reveal that the upcoming 2020 Bronco would be built in the U.S., at Ford's Michigan Assembly Plant.

Hinrichs described the upcoming Bronco as "a no-compromise midsize 4x4 utility for the thrill-seekers who want freedom and off-road functionality, with the space and versatility of an SUV. It's capable of conquering everything from your daily commute to gravel roads and boulders," Hinrichs said, with images of rocky, technical off-road trails flashing behind him.

Notably, the 2019 Ford Ranger was also announced today, also slated to be built at the Michigan Assembly Plant. Does this mean that the new Bronco will be based on the midsize Ranger? Hinrichs described the new Bronco as a midsize, off-road-capable 4x4, hinting that it could be a Ranger-based SUV. We will have to wait to see for sure.

The Ranger and Bronco have long been rumored to return to Ford's lineup. A United Auto Workers representative first revealed that Ford's union contract included Bronco and Ranger plans back in October of 2016. But this is the first time Ford has officially and fully confirmed that these vehicles will return, announcing where the vehicles would be produced and when they would debut. Today, Ford confirmed that the Bronco and Ranger will be two of five new utility vehicles set to arrive by 2020.

Credit original article from Road And Track 

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