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Operation Octane presented by WYCO RACING

Drag racing in Kansas City has been taken to the next level. WYCO RACING is hosting Operation Octane a 1/8th mile pit road street throwdown at Kansas Speedway. Spectator entry $10 kids 12 and under are free.. Racer entry. $30 Send pm if interested in the money classes. Bring your own snacks and tasty beverages. ...NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED INSIDE THE EVENT... This will be a heads up leave by flash light deal. We will draw chips at the beginning of the race and run a traditional bracket from there. SMALL TIRE- $100 buy in 32 car field BIG TIRE- $200 BUY IN 16 car field DAILY STREET- $100 buy in 16 car field Pay outs will be $5,000 for small tire $5,000 for big tire $2,000 for daily street Event will be August 13th Gates open at 3:00 pm Racing starts at 5 -6:00 pm The heads up money classes should be done by 9pm and will have grudge racing after for all the racers that didn't enter the pot. Racing is scheduled to end by 11:00 pm General Rules: Street type vehicle's only. No promods. Must have working headlights and taillights. Must pass our tech. If you wear a fire suit at the track then we need you to have it on here. You jump you're out. You cross you're out. Flashlight start. Big Tire Rules: Run Whatcha Brung Small Tire Rules: 29.5x10.5 non W, factory frame rails (can be notched) Daily Street: Full weight daily driver type vehicles. Full interior, Tires must be DOT approved radials, Headlights, tail lights, no lexan, no fender exit exhaust, minimal cage. Pre-registration can be payed to

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