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Kansas City Area TV and Movie Vehicle Replicas

Late in July of 2014, Bruce Cordle and myself came up with the idea of featuring TV and Movie Vehicle Replica’s from around the Kansas City area for the 2015 Paola Heartland Car Show. After several meetings and looking through my photo files, I came up with several cars that we could feature. Starting in January of 2015, I started contacting the vehicle owners. Most of them where on Facebook. After many times contacting and re-contacting the car owners about committing to the Paola Car Show, it came about. On June 13, 2015, the day of the Paola Heartland Car Show, they all started to show up. Bufford T Justice-005

It was a very rainy day. But, that didn’t stop the TV and Movie Vehicles from showing up at the show. First it was Steve Shiner’s A-Team Van and then Joe Pace arrived with his Back to the Future Deloren. Next it was the group, One Night Only, and their Bluesmobile replica. Then Wayne Alderson showed up with the Smokey and Bandit Vehicles. This included Snowman’s Dream Semi-Truck, Bandit’s TransAm and Sheriff Buford T. Justice Police car. Then the Marvin’s Big Rig Tow Trucks arrived. Marvin’s Tow Trucks feature scenes from the Movie “Cars” and “Ninja Turtles”. Then two Herbie VW showed up at the show. Last to show up was the Mad Max Interceptor Replica.

KITT in the LeadThe owners started to introduce each one another. Most of them had no idea that there were so many TV and Movie Vehicles located in the Kansas City area. Since that first meeting, the car owners have formed a Facebook page and keep in touch with each other.
They have also added several other vehicles to the group. Added to the group is the Starsky and Hutch, Zebra 3, The National Lampoons Truckster, the Mutt Cutt’s Van from the Movie, Dumb and Dummer and the Ghostbusters Vehicle. Also added to the group is the General Lee replica and the Dixie Duke’s Jeep replica. Another great vehicle added to the group is the Twister’s Movie Pickup with Dorothy in the Bed. The group continues to look for more iconic TV and Movie replica vehicles to add to the group.

For One Night Only (3)It’s not always about the vehicles in this group. The owners and people that support this group are incredible. Jake and Elwood of One Night Only, are always in character and perform at several events around the Kansas City area. Dave Betz, who plays Buford T. Justice, is always in character and is very funny to watch. Joe Pace, who owns the Back to the Future Deloren, Mutt Cutts Dumb and Dummer Vehicle and the Ghostbusters Ambulance, does a lot of charity work around the Kansas City area. If you ever get a chance to see one of these special vehicle, be sure to stop and say hello. Then go home and watch the movies or TV series that the vehicles represents. It’s truly a special memory every time I see them and the owners.  Click on link below to see all the Kansas City area TV and Movie Vehicles replicas.


Written by Tim McCullough

Tim McCullough, aka TeeMack, is a professional transportation and automotive paparazzi photographer. His photo/artworks have been seen all over the world. His interest in photography goes back to the 7th grade when his father gave him his first camera. Every since that time, he has taken photographs every where he has traveled over the last 45 years. He took over 1000 photos during his two tours of duty in Vietnam. He took over 2000 photos around America while working as a bus driver for Trailways Bus Company. His interest in the transportation industry has led him to specializing his photography to anything with wheels. "If it has wheels, he's going to photograph it." He has been one of the official photographers for the Art of the Car Concours show in Kansas City from 2009 to present. He is also associated with Kansas City Car Action Magazine. His talent with digital photo artworks has been praised by his fellow photographers in Kansas City and around the world. He explains that the hard work, innovation, imagination and fabrication of the vehicles that he photographs is a tribute to the owners, mechanics, fabricators and painters. His goal is to present each vehicle with it's own unique special photo/artwork treatment. A photo/artwork that the owner or collector will be proud to displaying in his garage, den, or office.

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