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Kansas City’s own competes on “Street Outlaws”

For anyone who didn’t get to see the “Street Outlaws” episode shot here in Kansas City, you missed Justin Price beating Boosted GT. The win gave Price and the twin turbo fox body Mustang the title of fastest small tire car in the nation. “We’ve been trying to get that race off for so long,” Price said, “and we finally got it done.” Price added that it felt “Amazing!” While Boosted GT was understandably unhappy with the outcome, Price said he was a cool guy, as are all the guys from the 405. “Everything portrayed on T.V. is what it is. Overall everybody is real cool.”   12019954_423019547891235_6811401051746657893_n   Price works in the pharmaceutical automation industry as tech support, but has always been a car guy. “I’ve been racing for about 15 years now,” he said. A long time GM guy, price has built Firebird and an RX7 with an LS motor. “I’ve had a little bit of everything.” He purchased the TT Fox three years and ran low 8s in the quarter at the track with the first set up. “Over the years we’ve upgraded stuff to make it a little bit better for the street.   The Fox currently runs a 408 ci LS motor with twin turbos. “It’s pretty basic with off the shelf parts,” he said. “You could buy most of the motor out of a Summit catalog.” However the fuel system is a bit more complicated. “The car runs two fuel systems. It drives on pump gas and when I get into boost, it switches on the fly to race gas.” The Holley EFI controls the switch. When it senses wide open throttle, it automatically switches to the race gas set up. “It’s got two fuel pumps, two fuel tanks, two sets of fuel lines, 16 injectors, everything,” Price said.   setup   This winter, Price will upgrade the car again. The race gas fuel system in the car will be changed to methanol and lose the air-to-water intercooler. He’ll change to a six bolt motor that will give it the strength to handle more boost without lifting the heads off the block. He’s also going to replace the powerglide transmission for a turbo 400. “You have to keep changing or you’ll end up losing,” he said.   Price uses Maschmeier Performance, a known, local company that builds a lot of high horsepower engines for the Kansas City racing community and Hooken Chassis Racecars in Holt, MO, for his chassis needs.   Just to be clear for those readers and racers that don’t know, episodes of “Street Outlaws” are filmed with firefighters, ambulances and EMTs on site and ready. All forms of auto racing are dangerous, but street racing is especially dangerous due to the fact that it’s often impromptu and done on unprepared, public streets. Not only is it extremely dangerous, but it’s also illegal. Kansas City Car Action does not condone street racing in any way. It simply reports on the happenings of the car scene in the area.

Written by Bob Sims

With mechanics and bodymen on both sides of the family for multiple generations, it was inevitable that Bob ended up a car guy. A writer and editor by trade, the family man has an obsession for classics, customs, hot rods, street rods, racing, imports, muscle, antiques and anything else with an engine that rolls on rubber.

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