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Hawgshack Cycle Shop


In 1903 a couple guys, one named Arthur the other William, worked away in a small 10×15 foot shed assembling their first gas powered bicycle.  On the door of that small shack was scrawled, “Harley-Davidson Motor Company.”  A hundred some odd years later, ol’ Will and Art’s influence is still being felt by Ken Oathout and Scott Oneill to own their own shack, Hawgshack Cycles.  Hawgshack Cycles is a full service shop located in the heart of the Olathe kansas bike scene at 417 Rawhide Drive.  For 3 ½ years Ken and Scott and dedicated crew have shed blood, sweat and maybe a few tears to make Hawgshack the go to place for work on basically anything with an American V-Twin.

Hawgshack Cycles is not a big shop and not really a small shop it is just the right size.  They can handle everything from an oil change to a full bike or motor rebuild.  At the same time offering the customer value with a deep appreciation and understanding that everyone is working just as hard as they are to earn a dollar.  Working on bikes is a passion that leaves any half-hearted attempts in the dust.  The crew working at Hawgshack Cycles lives with this truth every day.  Every job is done with the same attention to detail to make sure the customer is completely satisfied and riding a safe and sound machine.  The only downside to this dedication is that being open six days a week (Monday-Saturday) doesn’t leave the guys and gals at Hawgshack Cycles a lot of time to ride their own bikes.



While the boys at Hawgshack take on most any job, a large part of their business is about making raw horsepower.  High-tech may seem like a term not likely to be thrown about in a bike shop, but staying up on new technologies while having the old school skill to build a killer V-twin is what keeps Hawgshack at the front of the pack.

In addition to Thursday night bike nights at The Brickyard, Hawgshack gives back to the community with support for B.A.C.A., the United States Marine Corp, Rattlesnake’s Run for Autism and a number of other rides throughout the year.  A shop dog is a must for any shop worth its salt.  For the Hawgshack, it’s Bear and he will likely be the first to greet you when you walk through the door.


Written by Wade Willard

Wade is a passionate "car guy" and writer. He spends most of his days in the fuzzy grey zone that is the law.

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