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Boulevard in Cans

Posted by Jay Aber

John McDonald hinted at a possible canning line at the end of last year, and Boulevard has made it official! They're going to be introducing four of their beers in cans in 2015. The initial canned beers will be Wheat, Pop-Up IPA, Ginger Lemon Radler, and the new Heavy Lifting IPA (based on the Tasting Room Series Mid-Coast IPA). I've been a proponent of craft beer in cans for a while now. I really think that cans are superior in pretty much every way to bottles from beer quality and convenience to environmental impact. So I was super excited to hear that Boulevard is finally jumping into the canned beer market. These four beers just officially became my beers-of-summer. Now if we could just get them to package Tank 7 in cans…

New Local Beers

Just a quick round-up on the local breweries out with new beer! KC Bier Co recently released their Doppel Alt and are planning an upcoming Maibock release. The Doppel Alt is a strong hoppy German ale (sometimes referred to a Sticke Alt--basically because of Uerige Sticke Alt) at 6.3% ABV and 55 IBU. The Maibock is going to be 6.3% ABV, but will have a much maltier profile than the Doppel Alt. In North KC town, Big Rip just tapped their Franklin Road Imperial Coffee Porter, and have laid half of it down in pinot noir barrels for 6 months of aging. Pretty sure that's going to be amazing. Just up the street, Cinder Block has just finished a new pilot batch for their next Hop Maven release. You can go up on Wednesday night this week to get a sample and tell the brewers what you think on their Pilot Night.

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